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Tripadvisor is the only place where you can reach 460 million loyal, engaged and connected travelers each month with targeted banner ads — while they actively plan and book trips!

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Why work with Tripadvisor Media Manager?

Secure payments

Security is guaranteed by Adyen, a payment processor trusted by a wide range of multinational companies.

Pay only for results

Choose how many views you want for your banner ad. If it doesn't receive as many views as you requested, we'll automatically refund you for the difference.

Fast booking

Place campaign orders 24/7 — then watch as your banner ads start appearing on the Tripadvisor website or app in just 48 hours.

Your ads available on any platform

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Create your campaign in just 4 steps

Select a banner ad for your campaign
Select a banner ad for your campaign

Choose from available placements on the Tripadvisor website or app.

Target your audience
Target your audience

Select who sees your ad by choosing desired targeting options — specify the location, and what products they could be searching for on Tripadvisor.

Create your banner ad
Create your banner ad

Note that all creative is subject to review and approval by Tripadvisor.

Decide on your budget and schedule
Decide on your budget and schedule

Set how much you want to spend, and choose your campaign's start and end dates.

Create your first booking in just a few minutes!

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Managing your campaign is easy

Full control

Enjoy full control of your campaign and ad creative. See live data for your campaign performance, and adjust your targeting, update creative or pause campaigns as you see fit. You're the boss!

Automated Reports

Don't have time to check the dashboard when your campaigns are running? No problem! Set up automated email reports and get Daily or Monthly updates sent to your email. It's a simple way to save time and stay on top of your performance.

A/B testing made simple

Don't know which ad creative to use? Try several approaches — then see which gets more views and clicks, and turn off lesser performers.

Grow your business with Tripadvisor Media Manager!

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